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Psychology Today

November 2022 Coming Soon



The Tie Tok Effect on Death: Social Channels are Changing 

How we Grieve | USA Today | Sept 8, 2023

Guest Expert 


Modern Widows Club helps heal after loss of husband | 2022

Interview | MyNews13  

Retirement and Longevity Summit ||March 13-14, 2022


Guest Speaker 


San Diego, CA


Embracing Widowhood Podcast | 2022


Guest Speaker 


TEDx OaklandStudio | 2021

How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief | Carolyn Moor | TEDxOaklandStudio


The Wow Factor Podcast | 2021

Carolyn Moor: Understanding The Cycle of Grief and How Pain is Part of Love


Sunny Care Services | 2020

An Introduction to Modern Widows Club-Nashville Chapter


Ivanhoe Broadcast News | 2019


Modern Widows Club: You Are Not Alone

Global Leadership Network | 2019


Empowering Widows to Be Leaders Changes Lives Globally

GazetteXtra | 2019


Monthly gathering helps widows ‘lean into life’


Wall Street Journal | 2015


Resilience Can Be Learned - How a widow traced a long path back toward optimism

Orlando Sentinel | 2015


Group offers modern take for grieving widows

Oprah Winfrey Show | 2006


Troubled Families

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