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widow advocate | speaker | author | mentor | leader

Carolyn Moor shares knowledge, wisdom and vulnerability as she forges the healthy widow revolutionary concept for modern women.

Founder of Modern Widows Club

Carolyn Moor serves as the President, Founder, and Development Director of Modern Widows Club. Her journey into widowhood began on Valentine's Day in 2000, left to raise two young daughters on her own. Facing the challenge of finding mentors and resources to navigate the healing and growth she sought during this pivotal stage, Carolyn realized the lack of support available. This personal struggle propelled her to establish the Modern Widows Club in 2011, originating from her living room. Through this initiative, Carolyn emerged as a pioneering thought leader at the forefront of the movement advocating for the holistic well-being of widows.

Carolyn is a TEDx speaker, widows health advocate and consultant. She has participated in the UN Women Commission on the Status of Women, the Global Leadership Network, and she has been featured as a model of resilience in the Wall Street Journal, Mt. Sinai Road to Resilience podcast and Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges 3rd Edition book, NPR, CBS Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, the Oprah Winfrey ShowGrowing Bolder and numerous other women’s health media broadcasts. She's the host of the Healthy Widow Healthy Woman Podcast, consulted on NBC New Amsterdam TV show, and is the innovative curriculum developer behind the Widow Empowerment School of Thought e-courses).


In 2024, she is envisioning a future initiative: the launch of the pioneering Christian Alliance for Widows platform. This platform aims to empower places of worship by providing them with resources, tools, and programs supported by scriptural references, widow research, and valuable leadership experience, all geared towards better serving widows.


She collaborates and presents at events alongside the Global Fund for Widows and Widows For Peace through Democracy. Her speaking engagements span various platforms, from Cornell Law School to Northwestern University Law, focusing on activism to improve legislation for marginalized widows. As a representative of the United States, she participates in the annual International Widows Day event on June 23, shedding light on widow-related challenges and solutions. Her tireless advocacy and forward-thinking initiatives for widows have garnered recognition at local, national, and international levels.

She pursued Communication Studies at Pace University and furthered her education by attending courses at Stanford University, focusing on International Women's Health and Human Rights. Over the past 20+ years, her expertise in widow statistics, research, advocacy, leadership development, and distinguishing between myths and realities has been instrumental in propelling the widows' health movement forward. 

On June 23, 2023, she conducted the first ever International Widows Day Forum Panel to raise awareness in DC with legislators to highlight the worldwide and national crisis widows are facing in modern history. 


She aspires to establish the inaugural Widows Health and Research Institute, dedicated to comprehensively studying the multifaceted impacts of widowhood on women of diverse ages and backgrounds, their families, and society as a whole. This institute aims to address and rectify deficiencies within our social structures, medical procedures, legislative policies, and religious frameworks concerning the support of individuals navigating widowhood. To realize this vision, she is actively pursuing pioneering grants, seeking partnerships with universities, and introducing the initial concept to revolutionize the widowhood journey for future generations.

Inspire, Connect, Lead: Empowering Your Widow Mentoring & Leadership Gifts by Carolyn Moor is now available on Amazon and where books are sold. Carolyn is excited to launch two more books in 2024, one focused on widow advocacy globally and her personal memoir. To read free downloads, The Impact of Empowerment Programs and Inspiring Communities for Widows see below. 

Legendary Widows: Stories of Legacy book honors accomplished and renowned widows who have had a profound and inspirational influence on millions of people around the world. It is a book presented with love by Modern Widows Club, and installment of seven in a series, where we envision and work toward a time in which every widow is valued as a human being and is seen as a vital part of their family, their work, and their community. Available now at Amazon and where books are sold. 

You can champion widows by doing your part in taking 2 minutes to sign our petition to Advance the Rights of Widows in the United States and Worldwide. 


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