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Carolyn Moor shares knowledge, wisdom and vulnerability as she forges the healthy widow revolutionary concept for modern women.

Founder of Modern Widows Club

Carolyn Moor is the President, Founder and Development Director of Modern Widows Club. Widowed on Valentine’s Day 2000 and with two young daughters to raise solo. Carolyn struggled to find the mentors and resources she needed to model the healing and growth she desperately sought in the stage of widowhood. This ultimately led to the founding of Modern Widows Club in Carolyn’s very own living room in 2011.

Carolyn is a TEDxOaklandStudio speaker and widows health consultant. She has participated in the UN Women Commission on the Status of Women, the Global Leadership Network, and she has been featured as a model of resilience in the Wall Street Journal, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Growing Bolder and numerous other women’s health media broadcasts. She's the host of the Healthy Widow Healthy Woman Podcast, consulted on NBC New Amsterdam TV show, and is the innovative curriculum developer behind the Widow Empowerment School of Thought (launched late 2021).


In 2022, she is visioning a future plan to launch the first-ever Christian Alliance for Widows platform to equip places of worship to better serve widows with tools and programs backed by scriptural reference, widow research and leadership experience. 


She partners and speaks at events with Global Fund for Widows, and Widows For Peace through Democracy.   Her speaking invitations are diverse including Cornell Law School and Northwestern University Law to discuss activism for effective law making for underserved widows. Her advocacy and visionary work on behalf of widows is recognized locally, nationally and internationally. 

She's a graduate of Pace University, Communication Studies and Stanford University with a course focus on International Women's Health and Human Rights. Her knowledge in widow statistics, research, advocacy, leadership development and debunking the myths vs. realities has advanced the widows health movement for over 20 years.


Her dream for the future includes a Widows Health and Research Institute which studies all aspects of the positive and negative impact of widowhood on women of all ages and backgrounds, their families and society at large. This institute would reform and inform gaps in our social systems, medical protocols, law making policies and revive religious systems to better care for individuals experiencing widowhood. Seeking innovative foundational grants, universities to partner and share initial concept to revolutionize the widowhood experience for generations to come.

You can champion widows by doing your part by taking 2 minutes to sign our petition to Advance the Rights of Widows in the United States and Worldwide. 

May 2021

Carolyn spoke at TEDxOaklandStudio. Seen on TED.com  

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