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Personal One-on-One Widow Mentoring Experience with Carolyn Moor

Becoming a young widow on Valentine's Day 2000, Carolyn spent ten years searching for a widow mentor who was further along than her in their own widowhood experience to help support her journey through the most complex and uncertain future before her as a solo mom, business owner and a woman whose life drastically changed and shattered in one moment. 

Today, Carolyn knows how important it is to find widow mentors in widowhood.

She's experienced, compassionate, thoughtful, resourceful and encouraging, she began mentoring informally in 2011 as she was launching the public charity Modern Widows Club. Since then, she has grown the nonprofit organization from grassroots to a global movement worldwide with over 50,000 widowed women. She's honored to propel the world to hear many widows voices on a global scale everywhere, every day. Her experience in building this vital platform for widows to be seen, heard and respected has drawn the attention of, CBS Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, The Oprah Show, NPR and WSJ to name a few. 

Carolyn's greatest strength is encouraging widows towards rebuilding their life in a way that leads them to understanding their own "why" and legacy going forward. The one-on-one experience is where a customized future is designed together as originally as your fingerprint. You matter and the trajectory of your future may be unknown now, but it will be revealed and known through the mentoring experience. 


She began mentoring widows unassumingly from her living room by having an open door policy to her home every third Thursday to anyone who knew a widow. Thousands of widows found their way to Carolyn's home over a five year period. As the years continued on, she had listened to tens of thousands of widows worldwide in person and online. This enabled her to become a natural subject matter expert in the area of widowhood and widows needs. 


Her mentoring style includes decades of experience in learning from widows, hearing and seeing the real, raw struggles, hopes, future dreams that felt elusive and making sense of the many lost dreams while maneuvering the many secondary losses that each woman faces. 


For years, she didn't have the space or time to one-on-one mentor widows as she was focused on building the Modern Widows Club empowerment movement forward. Yet, widow mentoring is at the center of her heart and its where she feels best at serving others. She has seen the phenomenal shifts and pivots women have chosen when they are mentored well. It's life changing and affirming. 


Please, if this calls to you, have a conversation with Carolyn Moor to determine if this time is right for you to step into her one-on-one mentoring experience. She's created this experience because it was something she always hoped existed when she was a new widow herself looking for a guide.


Today, it does exist, because Carolyn not only survived widowhood, she became a super-survivor, coming back to help others through the chaos. There is hope, healing, and growth to come. She found it and you can too!

Personal mentoring expedites the many benefits found in leaning into the hope, healing and growth process. Carolyn shares what she knows works, pioneering widow research and understands where most widows get stuck and more importantly, how to get out while finding a way forward that is uniquely your own path to honor the love you've known. 

*This opportunity is limited to 3 widowed women annually. For program investment, email Carolyn below. 



Let’s Work Together

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