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Personal One-on-One Widow Mentoring Experience with Carolyn Moor

Becoming a young widow on Valentine's Day in 2000, Carolyn spent a decade seeking guidance from a mentor who had traversed further along the path of widowhood than she had. Her quest stemmed from the need for support in navigating the complexities and uncertainties of her new reality—juggling roles as a solo mom, business owner, and a woman whose life drastically changed in a single moment.


Understanding firsthand the significance of mentorship in widowhood, Carolyn embodies qualities of experience, compassion, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, and encouragement. Her mentoring journey began informally in 2011, coinciding with the establishment of the public charity, Modern Widows Club. Under her leadership, this nonprofit organization has evolved from its grassroots origins into a global movement, reaching and empowering over 50,000 widowed women worldwide.


Carolyn is dedicated to amplifying the voices of widows on a global scale, drawing attention from platforms such as, CBS Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, The Oprah Show, NPR, and WSJ. Her profound strength lies in guiding widows toward rebuilding their lives while understanding their individual purpose and legacy. She believes in a customized approach to mentorship, akin to designing a future as unique as one's fingerprint.


Her journey began by welcoming widows into her living room every third Thursday, evolving over years into listening to tens of thousands of widows worldwide, both in-person and online. This extensive experience has naturally positioned her as a subject matter expert in the realm of widowhood and the varied needs of widows.


Carolyn's mentoring style is informed by decades of learning directly from widows, empathetically witnessing their struggles, aspirations, and the navigation of profound losses and secondary challenges each woman encounters.


While her focus was initially on building the Modern Widows Club, mentoring widows remains at the core of her heart. She recognizes the transformative power of mentorship, witnessing the remarkable transformations and empowerment it brings to women's lives.


For those intrigued by this opportunity, Carolyn Moor extends an invitation to explore the possibility of one-on-one mentoring. This experience is a result of her own longing for guidance during her early days as a widow.


Today, Carolyn stands as a beacon of hope, having not only survived widowhood but emerged as a resilient support system for others navigating this journey. Her mentoring experience expedites the process of hope, healing, and growth, drawing from pioneering widow research and a deep understanding of the unique paths to honor the love that once was.


Please note that this opportunity is limited to three widowed women annually. For inquiries regarding program investment, kindly reach out to Carolyn Moor via email below.

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