6 Month Group Widow Mentoring

Hello I’m Carolyn Moor, the Founder of Modern Widows Club and your mentor for our PIVOT 6 month group mentoring course for widows. What is PIVOT? Well, It’s support, accountability and training on how to take small pivotal steps to promote healing and growth in this stage of widowhood. It’s the gift of having a mentor, a community and six guest experts each month to guide you. 

We will deliver PIVOT by ZOOM calls every month- we’ll spend 3- 90 minute calls together. The first call is mentoring with me, the second call is expertise from a passionate guest speaker and the third is a group sharing session. 

We  start in January and go through June. All the sessions are recorded and you can easily access them through your registration profile. It’s super easy and you have all of 2022  to watch them if you happen to miss one. I understand how busy widows truly are in the world. 



PIVOT Program 

In the last 20 years, I’ve learned how to build resilience and how to maneuver the brain fog that comes from the chaotic experience in widowhood. When we make a real pivot and look at the future through the eyes of those a bit ahead of you it really makes a world of difference. We’ll be focusing on all the pillars of healthy widowhood month to month, so you will gain incredible tools to move forward knowing you have what it takes to find peace, balance and a renewed life ahead.

Meet The Guest Experts

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