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Moor Thoughts at Widow Life

Hello Friends.

In this 2023 world of hybrid work between being the President of Modern Widows Club and my many widow advocacy initiatives, I was searching for one space to house:

  • Inspirational Blog

  • Educational Videos

  • Healthy Widow Healthy Woman Podcasts

  • Widow Advocacy Opinion Column

I found it.

I am now writing on the Substack app at a site called Widow Life. Please check it out. It combines my thought leader opinion column, as well as, Modern Widows Club newsletters, blogs, podcasts and archives all in one wonderful space. Much more user friendly!!!

Moor Thoughts: Unmoored musings debunking entrenched widowhood stereotypes and myths.

In my Moor Thoughts column, I bravely address the many myths vs. realities for women in widowhood and also address widowhood as a women's health imperative and initiative.

Eventually, much of my Moor Thoughts posts will become an honest and eye opening book on my experiences of widow advocacy propelling a necessary and audacious widow revival and revolution that is long overdue and an imperative to solve worn out and old problems with new and innovative solutions.

I hope you'll take some time and read some of my posts. I write very often on what I'm actively working on, it's worth following along if you care about widows and their health equality.

Onward and upward,

Carolyn Moor

P.S. I have a new book coming out in June in honor of June 23 International Widows Day titled Legendary Widows: Stories of Legacy. Twelve inspiring stories of legendary widows around the world, some deceased and some living. Hear how they have inspired by own widow healing and growth journey. Announcement will be at Widow Life.

On June 23, Modern Widows Club is partnering with Global Fund for Widows to create the first International Widow's Day March for Awareness in DC. You will be interested in our passionate speakers and details to get more involved in advocating for widows and their rights worldwide. Announcement will be at Widow Life.

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