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My New Widow Mentoring & Leadership Book + Good News

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

It's been a few busy months at Modern Widows Club. We had a successful 2022 Widow Empowerment Event in Scottsdale, AZ with 200 widows and 15 of them were daughters who lost a father mentoring one another with their own program of support- we call them The Legacy Club. Below you will see a few photos from the 3 day event filled with hope, healing and growth. New friendships were made from women traveling from 4 countries and 30 U.S. states.

Right after this event, I finished my Inspire, Connect, Lead: Empowering Your Widow Mentoring and Leadership Gifts book. This week it drops on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. I hope you will take a look at it for encouragement on how we may better serve widows in our personal and professional lives. It is full of stories and insights I've gathered in my eleven years as a widow mentor, leader and advocate.

For a new widow in your life (or you), I am hosting a Coach-A-Thon October 25 if you'd like to invite someone or join me. It's an evening of asking me any question about widowhood. A virtual, casual experience with real and raw conversations.

When I returned from Arizona, Hurricane Ira had passed over my home in Orlando, FL. Nothing says welcome home like the aftermath of a hurricane. Luckily, I did not experience any flooding or damage to my home. There was a huge amount of debris that has taken me weeks to clean up- no need for the gym these last few weekends, it seems bagging up tree limbs, leaves and rigorous yard work is all that was needed to get a good workout.

I hope you are enjoying your Autumn or wherever you happen to be, I hope you are enjoying life.

At Modern Widows Club, we are gearing up for year end fundraising with Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) and posting some FB LIVES on giving in ways that aren't traditional giving. Last year, we were excited to accept stock and IRA qualified charitable transfers into our donor advised fund. Modern Widows Club is proud to announce we are now a 501c3 and 509a2 Public Charity which means 60% of a persons adjusted gross income (AGI) can be deducted on their annual taxes.

Next year, we will be launching our first Capital Campaign in order to continue serving more widows worldwide by showing our measurable outcomes from our 23 empowering programs for widows. Proof that our output matches our outcomes in programs that are fulfilling our nonprofit mission. We currently have 37 grants to apply for in 2023, if you are or know someone who is a Grant Writer and can volunteer to be on our Grants Committee, please reach out to me at We welcome every helping hand!!

We strive to bring hope, but also evidence-based programs to ensure widows are healing and growing in their experience. That part is much harder to prove, but we believe widows deserve to have innovative and revolutionary services to ensure she is on a healthy pathway from grief to growth. Follow along for any future news at our Inside Look Newsletter.

Talk again soon, reach out to me for any reason, I'm glad you are here :)

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