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“New Me” Commitment Contract

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

I (name),

Make a commitment to myself to spend so much time improving myself and my life that I have no time for worry,  doubt, judgement, criticism, whining and complaining;

To forgive, release and let go of my attachment to any past struggles and allow every challenge life sends my way to make me better not bitter.

Starting now, I make a commitment to let go of what’s behind me taking hold of me and start appreciating and embracing what’s in front of me.

To release all of the pointless drama, all the toxic relationships, thoughts and behaviors that are present in my life and to constantly shift my focus from the bad onto the good in life. 

To make room in my heart for love, happiness, peace and tranquility and to create my life from a place of infinite choices and possibilities – the present moment, and no longer from a place of limitations that I may have allowed from the past.

I commit to staying true to myself at all times and to never betray myself just so I may please others first. I need me now unselfishly and with unconditional love. 

I commit myself to giving up erosive thoughts, behaviors and relationships, therefore, preserving, curating and nurturing thoughts, behaviors and relationships that significantly benefit my growth, myself and my dreams.

Starting now and starting this moment, I will  begin rebuilding and restoring my life to make it ridiculously amazing leaving a legacy to be proud of when I say goodbye someday.



Once you truly commit to rebuilding your life and making it ridiculously amazing- nothing and no one will be able to stand in your way. Choose wisely. I believe in you.

MWC Founder

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