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Hey, it's Carolyn Moor!

Mother  + Visionary + Leader + Educator + Podcaster + Advocate = One Revolutionary Widowed Life

"The voyage in discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" ~ Marcel Proust 

We all lose our center at some point in life. I did when I became widowed at a young age on February 14, 2000. It was a moment in history that changed everything I believed in myself and the world. It could have defined me, but instead it designed and fashioned me into who I am today as a force of nature in the world of educating and advocating for widows around the world. 

You see, it wasn't enough for me to heal my own wounds. I was called to reach back and help others come through the most stressful and painful time of their lives as well. It was just the right thing do. What I have learned and applied in the last 20 years of raising a family, running a business, managing a home and completely recreating and rebuilding my life, can only be coined as true grit, determination, wisdom and grace. 

Being centered, grounded and connected is the way to finding true balance. Because adversity will come again and again, but what I know is that every incident we grow stronger, wiser, more resilience and eventually, empowered women capable of anything we put our minds and hearts into. 

That is my life now...every day. Boldly, courageously and with confidence. I would be honored to help you get there as well. 

I'll make a lot of nature and spiritual references because I see you as the woman, like myself, who found herself in the 'dark dirt' of life who magically created new seeds, nurtured those babies and pushed forward until they found the light and blossomed into something that surprised even myself. 

I've been honored to watch this happen before my eyes with thousands of other women and widows. I believe that when we feel as if we are spinning out of control, we need to realize that we are an axis that can keep us grounded as we move forward and all we need to do is a simple PIVOT to see life from a broader viewpoint. 

When we look at it like this, we can each experience post traumatic growth after loss in many different areas, what I call the 7 pillars of Healthy Widowhood.


Pivot with me in a direction where you'll find amazing purpose, meaning and a new, surprising and strong you. 

I believe in you.  

Join in by listening to my new podcast Healthy Widow Healthy Woman .org. 


I offer two powerful programs, PIONEER and PIVOT for individuals and group mentoring. Everything I've learned is packed into these programs (which will probably become a book in the future). 


​SOLD OUT as of April 2020

  • Private 1:1coaching and mentoring with Carolyn 

  • 2 hour private sessions per month

  • Assessment testing to determine your natural strengths and personality traits

  • PDF readings and customized exclusive resource list 

  • Quizzes to understand key pillar areas of growth potential 

  • Customized plan for your future empowerment 

SOLD OUT as of May 2020 

  • Group coaching & mentoring with Carolyn and other experts

  • 3 hourly sessions per month

  • Assessment testing to determine your natural strengths

  • Community resources

  • Forum where you may interact with an international community in the program

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My Book:
Living with Something Moor

Carolyn Moor whispered three promises into her husband's ear moments before he died on Valentine's Day, 2000.

Can a promise change your life forever?


Find out in this unpredictable, humorous and spiritual journey as she tries to achieve her final promise ~ to be genuinely happy and to love again!

"You're a visionary, trail-blazer of this generation for widows like me. You taught me about the value of resiliency and to focus more about the future and what lies ahead in this new journey"

Dr. Marissa Magsino

“Enthusiasm, helpful and merciful spirit, guidance and encouragement… Wise advice without being pushy or over-stepping. Confident! I must add “Vision”….where there is no vision the people perish”

Bonnie Walker

"I feel like because of our sessions together you have helped me progress, as I look back and read my notes. God and time have been a key to unlock the door to help me grow in my pain. I will be forever grateful for your compassionate heart full of words of wisdom willing help me heal."

Pam Strickland

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